Regionaler Führungsstab Leimental

The Leimental RFS comprises a team of around twenty members of the militia with expensive experience in civil protection, blue light organisations (police, fire department, medical service), and technical services, logistics, telematics, municipal administration and communications. In the event of an incident, the RFS operates from its headquarters in Oberwil, with additional personnel support from civil protection workers.

The tasks of the former municipal management teams have been regionalised through the RFS (founded in 2006). The political body that the RFS reports to is the Leimental Commission for the Civil Protection and Civil Defence Association (Kommission für den Verband Bevölkerungs- und Zivilschutz Leimental VBZL). This commission is made up of municipal councils from the twelve municipalities involved, each represented by one member.


Jens Schindelholz
Jens SchindelholzStabschef
Pius Heimgartner
Pius HeimgartnerStabschef Stv. 1
Olivier Lapp
Olivier LappStabschef Stv. 2