Specific Behavioural Recommendations

  • Take shelter within a building.
  • Close doors and windows and switch off ventilation systems.
  • Temporally accommodate endangered people.

General Behavioural Recommendations

  • Inform yourself via radio and television and follow the instructions given by the authorities and emergency organisations.
  • Call the emergency services only in an emergency.
  • Use the telephone and other important means of communication only for important and urgent requirements (danger of network overload).
  • Use cars and other means of transport only for important and urgent requirements (danger of traffic overload).
  • Act particularly careful in traffic (danger due to breakdown of traffic lights, barriers etc.).
  • Inform and support neighbours and people needing assistance in your vicinity.

Source: Alertswiss

In the event of an accident or fire in a facility that works with chemicals, poisonous substances may escape and have a considerable impact on the area beyond the premises. In such an instance, such large amounts of chemical substances might escape, so that humans, animals, environment or possessions could be damaged. In such a case, the cantonal authorities would warn the population of harmful effects.