People who keep emergency stockpiles are likely to be ridiculed. However, keeping emergency stockpiles means that in the event of a shortage of supplies, you have valuable emergency daily food supplies available. The reasons for such a shortage could be contaminated drinking water, floods or a nuclear incident. However, a few chain reactions in the global economy would be sufficient to severely disrupt the supply of some goods.

Important information  

First and foremost, an emergency stockpile should contain a week’s supply of long-life food and nine litres of water per person. Remember: drinking is more important than eating. Don’t forget:

  • Essential medications and toiletries
  • Torches, candles and matches/lighter
  • Battery-operated radio and spare batteries
  • Gas cooker
  • Cash (in the event of a power outage, cash points and electronic payment methods will no longer work)
  • Food for pets