Specific Behavioural Recommendations

  • Call the fire brigade (phone No. 118).
  • Inform people who might be acutely at risk.
  • Leave the location of the fire immediately.

General Behavioural Recommendations

  • Inform yourself via radio and television and follow the instructions given by the authorities and emergency organisations.
  • Call the emergency services only in an emergency.
  • Use the telephone and other important means of communication only for important and urgent requirements (danger of network overload).
  • Use cars and other means of transport only for important and urgent requirements (danger of traffic overload).
  • Act particularly careful in traffic (danger due to breakdown of traffic lights, barriers etc.).
  • Inform and support neighbours and people needing assistance in your vicinit

Source: Alertswiss

Forest fires are frequently caused by humans and refer to the uncontrolled burning of scrub, grass or woodland. Forest fires can arise throughout the whole of Switzerland, especially in valleys, where the ‘foehn’ (hot south wind) is prevalent and during extensive periods of drought. Forest fires may impair the functions of the forest (e.g. protection). As a result of the changing climate, the frequency and extent of dry periods will continue to grow in the future, which will also raise the risk of forest fires.

In the event of a forest fire, the cantons or municipalities can implement a fire ban in the forest and its vicinity.

Check the current forest fire in your community here:  Natural Hazards Portal

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