Regionaler Führungsstab Leimental

The Leimental RFS (regional management staff) is deployed in extraordinary circumstances. The RFS carries out operational management in the event of catastrophes, emergencies and severe shortages, and coordinates the efforts of civil protection organisations, the police, fire departments, the medical service, the technical services of the municipalities and other partners.

If the cantonal crisis unit – from Basel-Landschaft or Solothurn, depending on the municipalities concerned – is on site with a disaster relief team, the RFS carries out its instructions. The RFS ensures the long-term deployment of various forces in the event of an incident.


The Leimental RFS carries out the following Tasks:

Contingency Planning

  • Responsible for contingency planning in the areas of catastrophes, emergencies and severe shortages
  • Informs and advises at a political level (municipal councils in particular)


  • Coordinates measures to respond to catastrophes, emergencies and severe shortages.
  • Organises the necessary measures (e.g. ensuring supply of drinking water, providing care for persons affected
  • Develops decision support tools for political authorities
  • Informs the population and puts the appropriate measures into action (e.g. press releases, loudspeaker announcements, flyers)
  • Provides food and support to management and operations teams
  • Organises reinforcements, replacements and special resources (e.g. structural engineers, special machinery)